Creating Your Dream Website Blog From Home

There are quite a few ways to create a low cost website that would have great quality, and I would like to show the two ways I have done this.  If you like it, and are inspired to create your own dream website or if you would like to blog from home and make some money for it, it is definitely reasonable to expect it to happen.

Most people just don’t know anyone who is successful at it, so they never try to monetize their ideas…

I’ve tried a bunch of ways to make money online, but the only times I’ve had success was when my heart was totally in it! When you do something because you LOVE it, that makes a big difference in the results that come out!  And, wouldn’t it be nice to make even $200 more a month?  Maybe $300?  I make no promises, but I am sure that with a little bit of expectation, belief, and fun, this process would become clear and satisfying to anyone who wanted to begin it.

I had tried MLMs and direct sales and although I like the products, I found that most people were hesitant because they had doubts that it would work…maybe I had doubts as well!

Then, internet content got big and I started my first real website, at  I set it up because I wanted to give people a site that explains that most people end up with an uncontested divorce, but deplete most of their assets while arguing, so that in the end, they have nothing left to divide.  If a person were to “know” this ahead of time, they could theoretically, make better choices and keep more of their abundance for themselves and their children, and so my site is set up with that in mind.  It doesn’t get a ton of traffic, but it’s targeted and I make money with it, and that is all that matters. 🙂  But, here’s the BEST PART…it runs on auto-pilot, and I do nothing but make money now.  I don’t update the site much, but I continue to get checks from my affiliate partners.  That is why people create websites, for passive income.

The reason the site is doing great is because of using SBI, or Site Build It!  SBI includes all of the tools you can imagine you’d need for one set, flat price, and you can pay in full for $299 for the whole year, or you can pay $30 a month (So you see you save $60 by paying for the whole year).  You are given the instructions in The Action Guide for choosing your topic for your site, choosing keywords, finding keywords with strength, creating the site blueprint, creating each page using drag and drop OR HTML, registering the domain name, getting search engines to notice you, etc…and the forums are completely free and included. (Separately, all this stuff would be thousands of dollars).  Anyhow, I love SBI and what it has helped me to do, so I can do this part time website stuff and stay home with my children with ease (especially good for other WAHMs or SAHMs that know a topic well and want their own income). More


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