You Can’t Jump From Anger to Happy

Changing your vibration takes some time, and you can’t jump from anger to happy easily.  Have you noticed this already?  It’s true!

If you are angry, you slowly move up the emotional scale…you go from anger to resentment maybe, or anger to frustration. And then, from there, you might move into a more positive state.  You can ask for relief from where you are at to move up the scale more easily and quickly.  Or just get into a different vibe by changing the topic.

Dropping the issue is so effective, because you release your resistance to it.  If you had an argument with your spouse, it has the potential to eat you up all day.  Or you can find one of a few ways that work for you to let it go.  Let’s think about what works best for the most people.

I already mentioned two, getting relief, and changing the subject.  I also find that getting some exercise really helps, because my body is happy and active AND the subject is changed simultaneously.  And, finding appreciation in all of the things that you do love about this spouse, or any other topic you love.

What works best for you to release your anger and get back to being happy?

Much love!

The Law of Increase is How To Manifest More of Anything

The law of increase is really how to manifest more of anything.  So, whether we are complaining or praising, we are increasing something…and the stuff and the feelings will come into our lives.  The law of increase is one of the universal laws, and there are ten others, with the law of attraction being another.

Are we paying attention to what we are really saying?  At home, are we complaining about our family or ourselves and holding everyone to a really high or perfectionistic standard?  At work, are we resentful of the personality differences that make a team stronger?

When we really get connected to ourselves, we believe in who we are and what we want.  We don’t need to fix ourselves or anyone else, because all good things will happen naturally in it’s own good time.  Under grace and in perfect ways.

The law of increase is the universe’s guide to getting more or less of what you want.  So, when we pay attention to something-feeling good, for instance–and realize how amazing it is, then we are focusing for long enough for the good feelings to increase.  Or the exact opposite.

The trick is to not have a lot of resistance, like everything is easy, that you believe that all the stuff you want is coming, so you get feeling like it actually is. More

Using Thankfulness for Quick Energy Improvements

Need a quick energy improvement? Your whole demeanor will change for the better as you begin using thankfulness in your daily life…not only using it but practicing it, and really feeling it.  Saying “thank you”, and feeling “thank you” can be very different experiences.

How do you feel thankfulness when you think life is terrible or you have a big problem?  You get a clear mind before you start affirming the good things you do want…

In LOA, you literally ignore negative emotions as much as possible:

  • When you think of a “past” event that caused you pain, instead of focusing on the painful part, remind yourself of the amazing ways you overcame the situation and how you are now stronger and more ready to claim the great stuff you have put in your vortex.
  • Look at the big picture as much as you can, realizing that life is awesome if we step back a bit.
  • Realize that everything is temporary, and that you can choose to feel better right now, and that is where the power is.

Pivot to a better feeling thought:

  • Abraham-Hicks or Esther Hicks say that when you are feeling something negative or not wanted, we know intuitively that we can think a better thought, and it doesn’t need to be a big jump, but only a little step toward positivity.
  • She also says that when we are in a really negative situation, that is the perfect time to ask for what we are really wanting.  For example, when we are sick, we want wellness.  When money is tight, we want abundance.  When we feel tired, we want energy and vitality.  When we are lonely, we are wishing for a good relationship.  The asking is greater when there are more problems, so use this effectively–turn it to the positive and choose a better feeling thought.
  • I saw Esther in Philly on Oct. 19th, 2013 for a very powerful workshop, and she began with, “I know I can say that better…” to just about everything she said.

Think of easy and comfortable thoughts that don’t bring up resistance:

  • Think about trees or some part of nature that you love.
  • Think about a pet or just pet your dog or cat (the unconditional love pets show keeps us in good alignment).
  • Think about topics that just make you get happy, and try to refer to the top 10 things you love/appreciate often throughout the day.

When you get into the vortex, and are feeling pretty great, that’s when you can affirm more about what you really love in life and what you are truly thankful for and appreciating!

  • Write a page or two about the things and people, life events and circumstances that have brought you the most joy or the most change in life (daily).
  • Show thankfulness to others by helping when there is an opportunity.
  • Give journals as gifts and ask others to write out their appreciation as well.
  • Start a local group to meet weekly or monthly to get more effective and affective in emotions, especially appreciation.
  • Serve others:  Look at the Random Acts of Kindness Website to find ideas that you resonate with.  Inspire yourself and you will ignite others.


  • Think of yourself as a being of light, that is lit up and full of life and love.  You are so full that you are overflowing.  Your abundance is so strong, your love is so great, that it’s just pouring out.  Others are feeling it as well and holding more of their own light now.  They are glowing brighter because of you and you because of all the things that you are easily given.  No one has to compete or perform or jump through a hoop.  Every being is worthy of love and health and abundance.  You are thankful for all of the experiences in your life, because really they have all been good.  They were either directly good, or they showed you what you didn’t want and pushed you in a way that you decided to be better than the circumstances you were given.  All is well.  Life continues to flow, and you are thankful for it all.

There’s a few thoughts on bringing fast appreciation and thankfulness into life and milking it…therefore getting you more of it.  Watch your own energy soar as you begin to feel more good feelings because you took the time to appreciate.

Much love!


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