How to do Energy Work Without Any Training

Most people think energy work requires a degree, or they think that energy work is bogus.  I assure you that we are all from the same source, that we are all energy, and that we all have divinity within us.  Do you agree with that?

If you do, then it’s probably safe to say you are open to energy work and you can learn a lot completely on your own, without any training whatsoever.

I first learned about energy work when I learned about Reiki from a friend who had received the Reiki level 1 and 2 attunements.  Although I understood that I was channeling energy from God, it never really hit me that energy work could be done in ways other than what is called “Reiki”.  And so my path began to figure out this energy that I was becoming more and more conscious of every day…

What is our energy and how can we channel it for ourselves and our families, or even to help the world? More


Feminist Thinking and Calling a Boy a “Pussy”

I’m so feminist–but not because I think women are superior at all. Instead, I just think all people, everywhere, are equal. So, I live my life believing that I can do anything a man can do and so can my three daughters. My husband can do anything I can do as well. And our relationship is a testament that we are living in inspiration.  There are many things each of us enjoy doing and so we don’t let society decide who will do those things in our family.

I try to live with the teachings of Abraham as my guide, and so I’d like to gently bring up this topic that boys being called a “pussy” by an adult is such a sore point with me. I believe this name calling practice (and calling anyone a name that creates a weak and a strong) definitely reinforces TO the future men of our society, that they are weak if they are like a girl….Have you also had enough of this judgment?   More

What Every Mom Should Know (Not Parenting Instructions, but How to Love Yourself Instructions)

What Every Mom Should Know (Not Parenting Instructions, but How to Love Yourself Instructions)

Really, a few simple and easy ways to improve your Parenting.

Whether you chose parenting seriously or not, you are in it. There are some things I wish I had known before I had ever had children. I wished I had an aunt or a big sister to tell me the big secrets in life, or a Mom who had been through things that I could relate to. I was somewhat confident before I became a parent—confident in other areas of life, but I was relying on others for my “esteem”! I got married, became a parent, and got divorced so quickly, it seems like I blinked! So, when I landed in the dumps, I had to really re-build who I was, my complete foundation, all over again.

So, I am creating this article to entail some of the characteristics all Moms should have in order to fulfill themselves—first. I mean, like, first. Before her spouse and her child, there are certain beliefs that have to happen for a woman to be comfortable with herself, and love living in her own skin. More

Fears about Money and using LOA

With Halloween quickly approaching, and the holiday season coming soon, I thought I’d start a conversation about fears about money and using the Law of Attraction. And, better yet, how to manifest money, even when it’s a time that most people consider a time of giving, or paying for, holiday gifts.

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As with most households, there are typical expenses that go along with holidays: gifts for children and other family members, and all the other people that we may want to give to, and cookies, food, and travel.  We have a budget that we wish to stay within, and we have lined up with that plan.  Fortunately, I am a terrific baker, and I love to bake cookies, giving them away as gifts during the holidays to just about everybody that could “need” a gift.  This helps the budget, plus I’ve never had a dissatisfied receiver!

For us, since we are spiritual, we celebrate Christmas, but it is one of many holidays that we gather for.  We also celebrate the changing of the seasons, and many other cultural or religious festivals, such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, and Wesak Day. We believe that many enlightened beings have come to share their knowledge with us, especially Abraham.  It brings me great joy to use my own focus to increase my personal power, abundance, love and peace, so that I can in turn help my fellow trailblazers on their paths.

We’d all like some extra cash or a little boost in income, as we’ve got a lot of celebrating to do, and Hanukkah and Christmas shopping!  The first LOA thing I’d do, is work on my overall thinking about myself, being general and feeling good each day, and then about money, and try to get rid of any limiting beliefs by changing them into powerful statements about myself. More

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