What Every Mom Should Know (Not Parenting Instructions, but How to Love Yourself Instructions)

What Every Mom Should Know (Not Parenting Instructions, but How to Love Yourself Instructions)

Really, a few simple and easy ways to improve your Parenting.

Whether you chose parenting seriously or not, you are in it. There are some things I wish I had known before I had ever had children. I wished I had an aunt or a big sister to tell me the big secrets in life, or a Mom who had been through things that I could relate to. I was somewhat confident before I became a parent—confident in other areas of life, but I was relying on others for my “esteem”! I got married, became a parent, and got divorced so quickly, it seems like I blinked! So, when I landed in the dumps, I had to really re-build who I was, my complete foundation, all over again.

So, I am creating this article to entail some of the characteristics all Moms should have in order to fulfill themselves—first. I mean, like, first. Before her spouse and her child, there are certain beliefs that have to happen for a woman to be comfortable with herself, and love living in her own skin. More


Manifest a Loving Relationship

Of course you should affirm that you want to manifest a loving relationship! Do it often; use positive affirmations throughout the day and think lovingly towards yourself and others. Support the good relationships you do have already by sending your love to those you care about.

In your deepest appreciation, envision yourself loving another, and keep your focus for over 68 seconds (the law of attraction says that 17 X 4 is a very powerful momentum starter). Think of all of the most delightful qualities that this person already has, that he/she shares with you in abundance, without conditions. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know that you can realize an amazing relationship with just a few mental exercises and changes within yourself?

Right now, you are changing into a person that is wanting a GOOD relationship, a healthy relationship, and a loving and peaceful relationship. Don’t you think you are beautiful, special, and deserving of a partner that honors you? YES, YOU ARE A UNIQUE AND AMAZING CREATION THAT DESERVES ONLY GOOD. Are you putting that out there to others that you want good things?

IF you really want good things, then you must vibrate and align with good things. For example, if you want peace, you must be peace within yourself first–BEFORE you can have peace with others! And the same is true for love. If you are conditional with your love, or judgmental or critical, these judgments will smack you right in the face and you will see it in your family, friends, and spouse! So, if you REALLY want a loving relationship, you must first SHOW that LOVE to others. You will get back what you are putting out.

You must release your guilt from past issues you’ve had, from people who criticized you (because they made you feel “less than” when you didn’t agree with them or accommodate their crazy demands), or situations that you felt stuck in (parenting, jobs, love relationships, friendships,etc…). Every single time someone judges another, it is ONLY–and I say ONLY–about their relationship with theirselves!  When someone finds fault with another, it is because that person feels guilty from previous life experiences when someone else made him/her feel guilty, and he/she is taking that guilt to you.  You can take it or leave it.

People who can regularly praise others have good relationships with themselves.  People who judge or criticize do not.  It’s really VERY ,VERY simple.  Don’t ever allow others to have power over you, because when you change this one thing, and take your power back, you will be thrilled with the results you will begin to see in your life.  No one can “MAKE” anyone feel any particular way, so you can choose to feel good even if you don’t love every aspect of your current circumstances.

And just how can you attain real love when you may not always like what you are seeing or feeling? EASY. Change your thoughts and your beliefs to ideas that make more sense…I am going to show you how to feel good about yourself, love yourself, and be gentle with yourself so that you can grow into exactly the person you want to be.  Only you will define who you are and what you want, though, so you will become clear on every topic that is important to you over time.  Once you learn a new way to “think” about yourself and the world, you will be golden, and no one can touch you. You will have your power within you, not elsewhere.  Practicing self love and putting yourself first will help you, and you can get my free self love report here.

Whether you have been in good relationships in the past or not, it is always practical to “review” what your standards are for a potential partner.  Again, first, you MUST begin with yourself:  love, harmony, chemistry, peace, great conversations, fun, vacations, financial security, unity, health, these are all feelings and things that you can have without a partner.  So, begin by doing some of the things that you would want NOW–don’t wait for a partner to come.  You will feel and be your best when you are pursuing your own goals, and when you are living that kind of inspired life, you will more likely to attract an amazing partner that can see all of your good qualities.

And, especially, on a regular basis, affirm to yourself that:

  • I AM love.
  • I AM peace.
  • I AM harmony.
  • I am good.
  • All is well.
  • Everything is always working out for me.
  • I am successful.
  • I am following my bliss and living an inspired life.
  • I am thankful for all I do have (friends, family, money, success, etc…) and I am happy and eager about what is coming.
  • I am surrounded by love.  The most important love I can feel is God’s love, which is unconditional.  I am supported and feel support in all areas of my life.  I have many good relationships which nurture me as well.

Realize that finding yourself takes time, and you deserve all the time you need to really know who you are, before you get involved in a relationship.  Many young people don’t realize that they don’t know who they are, then they start dating someone and end up giving up so much of their own spirit to keep the other person happy.  These bright lights don’t yet understand that they were meant to have their own lives, but alongside another person, sharing.

The best relationship is one of acceptance.  When both people accept the other for who they are, neither would ever think of changing the other person to meet their own needs.  The opposite , subtle, and non-accepting characteristic, which most people have to some degree, is actually violent, because it says that, “I only like you when you do what I want.”  It shows up in relationships all the time:  “I only love you when you can pay the bills.” “I like you when you have dinner ready.” “I don’t like you when you argue with me.”

And love isn’t that.

Find out what love is to you by really being quiet and finding those qualities you want most. Feel them and spend time enjoying some creative visualization, because that feels really good.  No one has ever walked in your shoes, but everyone can probably relate to you, so don’t go around complaining that you don’t have this love yet; The more you focus on having a good life for yourself, the more amazing people will find you, and you will have CHOICES of many good ones.

Much love!  I believe in you!

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