Using Positive Affirmations with Subliminals

Whatcha been thinking about?  Are you using positive affirmations with subliminals yet?  If your inner dialogue or “script” sounds like chaotic banter, maybe you should consider this mega-charged combination for inner growth!  Affirmations allow us to program our own minds, while in a conscious state, while subliminals, especially those that use the alpha and theta brain waves, also tap into the unconscious beliefs.  So, changing both is needed for life improvements.  What you live and tell yourself all the time becomes your script, your “story”, or your unconscious belief system.  And, all of those can be changed if you want to!

First, I must say that using positive affirmations or subliminals will be a waste of time if you aren’t really focused on said growth, because what you believe about yourself in every aspect of your life is what you are attracting…for instance…

If you have a lot of confusion, frustration, anger, or distrust, you will find yourself realizing more and more of these feelings within you and all around you (which makes you a pessimist by the way). Yet, if you are an optimist, you will find that no matter what life throws at you, you continually find a way to realize that “when a door closes, a window opens.”  I have found that most people are somewhere in the middle, and so would like the chance to grow.  But how?

If you are the pessimist that realizes it, and also concludes that it’s time to make the change, then congratulations!  You are in for a wonderful ride, which will be a two steps forward one step back kind of proposition.  You will always be in control of your thoughts, actions, feelings, and behaviors.  Because you are finding out something that is a Universal Law, that only you control yourself, and the results you are looking at in your life are yours and yours alone.

Step 1:  Get out a notebook, and start to write down your thoughts on each of these topic as they come to you…Self image, family, friends, love, money, work, success, abundance, health. You may find that you have a lot of thoughts that are positive and some that are negative.  If you have positive thoughts, then leave it alone.  If it’s negative, think about how you can change it into a more positive and believable thought.

Example:  Under health, “I am overweight“, could be positively charged by saying, “I’ve lost weight before and I can do it again.”  Repeat for all limiting thoughts.

Step 2:  See what topics had the most negative or limiting beliefs, and vow that you will change them so that you can improve your self image.  Repeat this phrase, “I am too important to believe anything negative about myself, and I am getting better at noticing my good qualities every day.”

Step 3:  Choose a free subliminal from Youtube or the internet, and use the headphones or download it to your mp3, and listen to during the day or at night.  Reprogramming your mind using subliminals is a great way to put you in control of your own thoughts, and remind yourself of who you really were meant to be.  I use iGodMind on YouTube, and love the lite versions of the many subliminals offered by Ty Sumrall for free.  I saved a playlist and just put it on when I can throughout the day.

Step 4:  Keep up this new plan for at least 30 days, and switch subliminals after you have built up more confidence in each area.  Your results will likely come in quickly after you have really started using positive affirmations, eliminated the limiting beliefs, and using the subliminals over time.

Much love and blessings!


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