Better Health and Well Being

My goal is to have this post as a guide for positive affirmations for better health and well-being. Using the law of attraction, I know that the stream of abundance and wellness is always flowing to me, and I can access it by:

1.  RELAXING into the goodness and wonderfulness of each moment of my life (using the Silva Method, closing my eyes, focusing on appreciation or love, etc…)

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2.  Keeping my main focus on wellness, abundance, and good things in life, like my 10 favorite things, and things I am eager about.  When I think of myself and others, I think of the positive aspects of our relationship, or I think only of the successes.  I try to think of most everything in my life as “easy peasy”, but especially with health…this is the simplest and fasted way to easy peasy health.

3.  If negative thoughts come in, I can pivot away from them quickly and easily by remembering that if I’m out of balance, I can easily be in balance again just by caring enough about myself to make my good feelings a priority.  Let go of anything in the past that is bothering you, be it people or situations–replaying them will only delay good things from happening NOW.

I love taking some time out of each day to write down the things I am thankful for, and I usually begin each day this way.  It helps me to focus my thoughts and therefore my feelings into exactly what I want, which sets up a day that is worth having.  I spend enough time in appreciation and love–and when I am in those emotions, I can’t be in any other emotions–to “pre-pave” my day for good things to happen.  The more time I spend in appreciation and love, the more fun I’m having within my day; You just can’t be miserable when you are thinking of good things mostly.

As for health, it is nice to set up a mental exercise of being thankful for the water you drink and the food you eat, and blessing these things before you eat them.  You are changing the vibration of the food when you bless it.  Be thankful for the exercise you can do, be thankful for the body parts that do work right, be thankful for the sunlight, the air, the rain, flowers, trees, etc…Be thankful for your health and your healing, and make this your mantra if you need healing.  And all along the way, realize that you are successful in making your most wonderful life happen, so celebrate your small successes often.

Remember, “I am strong, I am beautiful, I have value, I am health.”  What you appreciate grows, or appreciates.  So, appreciate yourself most of all.

Real healing requires focus of thought, which can be practiced frequently throughout the day, through writing especially.  I just write down the many things that make me happy or the health that I do have and am thankful for, and my health automatically improves over time.

So, these are some general ideas, but for specific ideas on each health situation, I will also offer positive affirmations for many health problems, like type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, acne, and lots of other health issues that I personally have dealt with.  The trick is to NOT get specific and start negative momentum, when you can just be general and enjoy moment to moment…as best as you can.  The problems that you have DO have solutions, but if you talk to everyone you know about how bad some part of your body hurts, that pain gets worse.  If you speak about overall health, overall happiness, and find and keep that feeling often, the healing will happen naturally and with ease.

Much love, appreciation and healing!


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