Fears about Money and using LOA

With Halloween quickly approaching, and the holiday season coming soon, I thought I’d start a conversation about fears about money and using the Law of Attraction. And, better yet, how to manifest money, even when it’s a time that most people consider a time of giving, or paying for, holiday gifts.

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As with most households, there are typical expenses that go along with holidays: gifts for children and other family members, and all the other people that we may want to give to, and cookies, food, and travel.  We have a budget that we wish to stay within, and we have lined up with that plan.  Fortunately, I am a terrific baker, and I love to bake cookies, giving them away as gifts during the holidays to just about everybody that could “need” a gift.  This helps the budget, plus I’ve never had a dissatisfied receiver!

For us, since we are spiritual, we celebrate Christmas, but it is one of many holidays that we gather for.  We also celebrate the changing of the seasons, and many other cultural or religious festivals, such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, and Wesak Day. We believe that many enlightened beings have come to share their knowledge with us, especially Abraham.  It brings me great joy to use my own focus to increase my personal power, abundance, love and peace, so that I can in turn help my fellow trailblazers on their paths.

We’d all like some extra cash or a little boost in income, as we’ve got a lot of celebrating to do, and Hanukkah and Christmas shopping!  The first LOA thing I’d do, is work on my overall thinking about myself, being general and feeling good each day, and then about money, and try to get rid of any limiting beliefs by changing them into powerful statements about myself.

After that, I would focus using whatever fears I have, to turn my fears into power!  I would do focus wheels to feel better about where I’m at, and use positive affirmations to remind me of the true and believable statements I can make about myself, such as this rampage of appreciation about money:

  • There is no end to the abundance in nature.
  • I know that I was born rich.
  • I need to only look to nature to see the billions of blades of grass or trees and know that I am cared for.
  • I am part of an amazing universe that is sustaining all of us.
  • I believe that I deserve all the good that I’ve asked for.
  • When I feel good, I’m allowing all good to flow easily to me.
  • When I keep the good feelings flowing longer, I am really enjoying my life, and feel the abundance.
  • I am living a life of abundance, and I do have the evidence for that…(job, home, money, nice family, friends, clothes, health, pets, fun, travel, food…you fill in the blank)
  • I can pay down my debt by paying a little extra toward it, even if it’s $1 or $5.
  • I feel powerful when I think about my payments shrinking, and my savings flowing.
  • I envision my money going out as helping all the people I’m paying to have their abundance, and that feels good.
  • I write checks and enjoy paying my bills on time.
  • I am able to save $5 a week for _____________.
  • I am learning to budget my money.
  • I know that the more I stick to my budget the more great opportunities and discounts will come to me.
  • I know there is enough for me and more.
  • All is well, and I am well.
  • I am eager to enjoy my life, have fun, and live with passion.
  • I am eager to be of service, and share my time with others.
  • I know that God has my back, and will guide me intuitively, but I only need to stay connected.
  • Anything I think that isn’t positive isn’t my source, so I’d better keep on checking in with myself and try to be in a feeling place of appreciation for myself and others.

And, I would just keep doing this same general, good feeling talk to myself, for many days.  After doing this for a few days or weeks, I’ll notice that good things will start to happen, such as a better mood, and then…someone will bring me a desired gift, or offer to pay for something I’ve wanted.  Unexpected money will come, and I will be delighted.  I will milk each wonderful thing that happens, because each good emotion or fun circumstance is a gift of abundance.

I will remember that my good mood is my indication that I’m following the right path, and that if I continue to feel good, I’m close to manifesting my desires about any topic, including money.

If an obstacle gets in the way, I will remind myself that I am fully supported, I breathe air, and I have enough.  I love, and I have love returned.  I still continue to love and believe in myself, because my faith in God means that I don’t waver from my knowing that all is well.  Doubts and worries are never the truth, so I envision myself creatively solving problems, until all I can envision is more interesting and fun situations.

Remember, the joy in the season is what it IS all about…being thankful for what you DO have, appreciating the people and relationships that enrich your life.  The moments decorating, buying and making presents or wrapping them, cooking and baking together with family and friends of all ages in the kitchen, the wonderful family meals, catching a moment to remember a loved one, celebrating your joyous family and all you are becoming, giving your time and love and attention TO whatever or whoever you wish, this is what gives the meaning to holidays.

Whether you are extremely wealthy or very poor, if you bring your attention to the good in your life, you will have more than enough.  I envision a joy-filled holiday season for you, and wish you much love and many blessings during the season!





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