Peaceful and Positive Parenting using LOA and Affirmations

How do you know if you are the peaceful, positive parent you wish to be?  Do you actively use the law of attraction or affirmations for yourself, your relationships, and your parenting? It’s easy to say that, “I’m a good parent,” but without real introspection, a really terrific parent might feel like he’s is terrible or a really horrible and abusive parent might think he/she is getting by alright.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how parenting is undervalued in society, so people don’t take the time to look at what life is really like for parents of small children, instead focusing on how hard it is when they are teens, and complaining about kids being disconnected from adults or being too entitled.  What parents need is a consistent stream of praise for themselves!  But guess what? No one can really give it to them, unless they cultivate it within.  Know that self-love is the missing ingredient to why parents begin to complain about their family lives, so my examples show how when you add the self-love, the paradigm shift is easy.

Let’s look at multiple scenarios, and how you can use helpful parenting affirmations to make a tremendous impact in yourself, your family, and therefore your children…using the law of attraction means that like attracts like, so if you think anything like or similar to these statements, 1.  “Life is hard,”  2.  “Having children is harder than I thought”,  3.  “My kids are terrible”, 4.  I’m a terrible parent”,  5.  “My kids are so demanding”,  6.  “I can’t get anything done,”…maybe it’s time to rethink, and then reprogram your conscious mind to connect to the good in your situation…

First, work on yourself when you have alone time, which could be time you spend after you put your kids to bed, early in the morning, or on weekends.  Begin to program yourself with your new belief system, which is healthier and happier.  Your new beliefs would be like these positive affirmations, which promote peace, happiness, and love within you and others around you that you focus on.

1.  “My life is getting easier and easier”,

2.  “Having children is teaching me a lot of lessons, and I’m now open to seeing the good in all of it.”

3.  “My kids have moments when they get out of balance, and when they do, I will remember that they are brilliant beings that came from God, and chose me to be their parents.  They are counting on me to be loving and peaceful, patient and kind.  When I take a moment to relax and remember who I am as well, I know that all is well and I can easily move through this moment.”

4.  “I’m learning all the time that I have many successes in my life, and I take time to recognize them, write them down, and really milk them because it feels really good to notice my success.  And, I am successful in all areas right now.  As I think about my successes, more thoughts about success easily come to me because it feels good to talk about success rather than failures.  I’ll continue to grow, and I’ll keep expanding, and that feels good, and so I’ll keep doing more of that, and soon I’ll be noticing my kids’s successes more than any shortcomings I’ve seen in them.”

5.  “My children are on the leading edge of thought, and so they have come to have great expectations.  It is good for me to tell them that I can only focus on one thing at a time, and I’ll explain what I’m doing politely so that they know what is first, what is next, and so forth. When I am relaxed, they are also completely calm and welcome my suggestions.  I know I will find an easy way to enjoy my children by being happy in the moment, and pleasing them and soothing them when needed.  I will listen to them as well, and sometimes we will compromise but I like to get a consensus so that everyone willingly and happily agrees.”

6.  “I have such a  great life, and I have so many of my own interests.  I am thankful for some downtime so that I can pursue my own goals, dreams, and interests.  I’m important and am really happy that I’ve ensured that I have created a way to continue to value myself.  I know that when I pursue my passions, it helps me do my best when I’m the parent as well.  I add so much value and love to our family, and I fully know that I make a difference in my family and the world.”

So, there are six alternative strategies using law of attraction affirmations that are sure to help you manifest better thoughts, and therefore, better results in yourself and your parenting and family. Here are even more positive affirmations to use for peaceful parenting: “I’m getting used to seeing myself as valued, and I’m loving myself more all the time.  I’m getting better at finding good in myself, and in my children.  I love telling someone I love him/her and feeling the warmth from their hugs.  I love knowing that I’m making a big impact on my family, because I’m relaxing into myself and learning about who I really am.  When I step back and look at the big picture, life is really good.  I don’t have to point out any small problems or even any big ones, because as I keep on noticing good in me and all around me, only solutions appear.  I love and expect the fun synchronicities that keep happening to me as I line up with allowing the wellness that is mine, in.”

“All of this helps me, because as I get (generally) happier, I grow in all areas of my life, parenting included.  This is an area where I really want to grow, and I am enthusiastic about doing so.  When it comes to myself and my kids, I especially want to praise all aspects that I’m happy about and leave all complaints out.  I’m finding it easier and easier to say, “I love you,” “I’m so happy you are my baby,” “I noticed how generous you were with your sister, and I can see she really loved that you gave her something special to you,” “I think you are very kind and gentle.  Thank you, you are showing me how to do it!” “You have amazing talents, and I’m so glad I get to see you every day.”

When a person changes their paradigm, everything shifts, but I know if a person takes 30 days, and then re-evaluates what they’ve accomplished, they will feel better.  Maybe they won’t have manifested every single thing they wanted in 30 days, but since they feel better, they will stick with it. And then, they will do 30 more days, and 30 more days, and life will just keep getting better and better.

Another main point I want to reiterate is that taking a minute to “get grounded,” or get centered, or breathe, or just relax is KEY to building positive momentum and shifting things into your favor.  It’s good for every person, but it’s even better for parents, so that you don’t say something that triggers your children to react or set off a chain reaction of negative events when you are actively parenting and there is a little person listening to your every word and hoping you’ll be nice.

Take the time, every time, get grounded, even talking yourself through it out loud, saying to the children, “Mommy is taking a minute to feel better and more in control of her thoughts and feelings.  I want to feel my best, and I won’t let a small, passing thing ruin my good mood.”  This is surely one of the BEST lessons you will ever teach your children, and if you are capable of it, you will be divinely happy!

It is my belief that parents must be the light, and teach by example to be peaceful.  In all life areas, the children look to parents for guidance.  For example, if they see a parent who is cursing their sports team’s rivals, as innocent as it may seem, the children get a sense of “hating the other”. If the child is ridiculed for every little thing they need, they will be critical of others as well.  So, it really is parents that must show children to be fair and kind and loving, in each and every moment of the day.  When parents accept their role as the peaceful ones, they will be incredibly happy, because they have removed a burden off their shoulders–they can let the children just BE.

All good for you, and Namaste!


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