Feminist Thinking and Calling a Boy a “Pussy”

I’m so feminist–but not because I think women are superior at all. Instead, I just think all people, everywhere, are equal. So, I live my life believing that I can do anything a man can do and so can my three daughters. My husband can do anything I can do as well. And our relationship is a testament that we are living in inspiration. ¬†There are many things each of us enjoy doing and so we don’t let society decide who will do those things in our family.

I try to live with the teachings of Abraham as my guide, and so I’d like to gently bring up this topic that boys being called a “pussy” by an adult is such a sore point with me. I believe this name calling practice (and calling anyone a name that creates a weak and a strong) definitely reinforces TO the future men of our society, that they are weak if they are like a girl….Have you also had enough of this judgment? ¬† More


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