How to do Energy Work Without Any Training

Most people think energy work requires a degree, or they think that energy work is bogus.  I assure you that we are all from the same source, that we are all energy, and that we all have divinity within us.  Do you agree with that?

If you do, then it’s probably safe to say you are open to energy work and you can learn a lot completely on your own, without any training whatsoever.

I first learned about energy work when I learned about Reiki from a friend who had received the Reiki level 1 and 2 attunements.  Although I understood that I was channeling energy from God, it never really hit me that energy work could be done in ways other than what is called “Reiki”.  And so my path began to figure out this energy that I was becoming more and more conscious of every day…

What is our energy and how can we channel it for ourselves and our families, or even to help the world?

You can feel your own energy field, simply by rubbing your hands together, as if warming them up, quickly to create the blood flow.  Immediately, separate your hands so that there is only a centimeter or two between them, and feel the energy of one hand overlap the other, moving them either back and forth or toward and away.  You will definitely feel the magnetic pull if you do this for a little while.  Some will feel it immediately. Play with it, it’s really fun.

Since we are all energy, we come from it and energy is also flowing to us all the time.  Call upon the energy from your source to come through you, to you first.  Bring the energy to all the areas of your own body.  You may also get sensations in other areas as you consciously ask for the energy to flow, especially in the crown and third eye chakras.  You may feel the energy flowing, which most likely will be a little tingly, through your fingertips and upward toward your torso, and it may continue to be tingly in other areas, or it may lessen.  You are still channeling energy, even if you don’t feel it though.

Bring your hands to any area of your body that you believe needs it.  You are channeling energy!  You are now on your path to better and more conscious living.  This connection to your source is available to you at all moments throughout the day, every day, and you can tap into it as much as you like.

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Much love!


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