Emotional Reactions Continue to Keep You on the Path of Unwanted

If you are a person who has emotional reactions, this is for you!

If every time you overreact or just react with emotion, when something “happens” to you, you are simply inviting more of the same into your life, and it will just keep getting worse.  There are a few solutions, if you will hear it.

But, the worst thing is to stay focused on what IS happening (anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, etc…), rather than what is wanted–more peace and more calm.

What is the specific formula that will break the cycle of emotional reactions?

First, you have to control your mind when there isn’t anything special happening.  When there are peaceful moments, notice them. Enjoy how much peace you do have, and how your wellbeing is soaring in that moment.

Then, when something is firing you up or pushing your buttons, you get connected to your source before responding.  Think about how easy life has been, and how easy it is when you focus on good things.  Get the judgment out of the equation, the judgment of yourself and the judgment of others.  This is the main thing at this point, to be calm when there are circumstances you don’t want.

You have the self control to respond with kindness and caring. Your heart is full, even overflowing, with love.  You know what makes you inspired and live passionately, so bring your strengths INTO this situation now.  It is your focus on good things about yourself that can stop a negative momentum, because when you switch to finding praise about yourself, you will soar in every arena.

The real reason is because you can’t focus on two things at once.  If you are praising yourself, you can’t be damning someone else.  And, since what you focus on is what you are attracting, you will get more of whichever you are practicing regularly.  If you praise yourself, you will find yourself in more wonderful situations handling them easily.  But, if you criticize yourself or others, you will find that more problems happen to you so quickly that you can hardly keep up with them, it’s always one after another.

Focus on the right now, and focus on praise–some form of love or appreciation, which is usually easy to find.


You have really loud kids (or just one really loud kid) and it drives you crazy, especially after you get home from work.  You can tell yourself just that and continue the pattern, OR…

You can focus on the good points of the situation:

  • That you are so happy and thankful…
  • That your children are all home safe.
  • That your spouse has already taken the time to prepare a delicious meal and you don’t have to.
  • That your children are all so bubbly and enthusiastic because life is flowing through them and they are happy to be alive!
  • That you don’t have to accomplish anything right now, just be in the moment and enjoy life.
  • That you have such bittersweet moments, knowing that time will pass, and you can relish each moment or live in misery.
  • That life is getting easier and easier.
  • That all good things are coming to you right now.
  • That you can focus on one thing at a time until everything important is done, and everything else can wait.
  • That you are a powerful creator and are using your energy wisely now.
  • That choosing to feel good is what helps the situation the most, and you are now happy to do just that.
  • That putting yourself first not only feels great, but it also paves the way for more good to flow to you.

Now, get into the vortex AND THEN, please tell me what pushes your buttons and what solutions are coming to you!  Much love and infinite blessings!




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