Dealing with Cancer or Major Illness in Adults and Children

If you are dealing with cancer or major illness in adults and children, I have a special article for you.  I’m writing it with you in mind, so know that I am sending waves of love to you right now to help your healing journey.

It’s going to shake you up and probably make you cry.  Because when you believe that your thoughts can get better and help you create the life you’ve dreamed of, it’s actually possible to make that happen.  (It might also leave you disbelieving because we all know that the negative is also true, that if you have a clouded mind and believe you’ll end up sick in a certain way, you probably will.  No need to blame and feel guilt, just move on to a right now that is better feeling.)

Mind you, I am a former teacher/guidance counselor and pride myself in being a calm and considerate person, and I am always striving to be better and more compassionate each day…

My daughter tried to get me to watch “The Fault in Our Stars” in the theater last year, and I wouldn’t go, because my personal belief system had changed so much about cancer (we had a scare and thought that my middle daughter was pretty ill), that I didn’t think I could handle watching it without feeling super sympathetic about disease and bringing me back to that same fear based thinking that I was doing before.

The movie is about two young adults, one is in remission from cancer, and the other newly diagnosed, and how they fall in love.  In the end, the woman recovers into remission, but her boyfriend dies.  I thought, “This is probably some kooky movie that portrays living with cancer as the opposite way that the law of attraction teaches.”  I told her, “No,” but bought her the book instead.  And I’m sure I’ll want to go back and see it sometime soon because I’m in a better place now.

But, here’s the rub:

Hasn’t everyone imaginable taught that we are supposed to offer sympathy and empathy to people if we are “good listeners?”  That might be, but it’s not me anymore.

I’ve heard about meeting people “where they are at”, and while I think it’s true that we should, we can’t stay there and be happy or healthy because we’ll be brought down as well (unless we are really mentally strong).  I guess what I’m saying is that when your thoughts are all about having cancer, you will keep getting cancer, or whatever major or minor illness is worrying you.  Yet, when you distract yourself in order to think of other things–things that make you happy, enjoyable memories, things you are looking forward to, things you love, or even a feeling of knowing that you will get better–then you have the open door to get better.

It turns out that if you are going to become a positive and healthy person, you have to keep moving toward health (You will feel pretty good for that movement.  Sometimes choosing between two not so great choices feels hard to do, just choose a better feeling one.  You are NOT moving toward health if you feel lousy about taking actions that you don’t like taking 😦 ).  Here’s a subliminal about healing fast from IGodMind.  Make sure you also read the description in the youtube video so you understand the types of affirmations you get with it–Never once do they mention the word “illness” or “disease” of any kind.  Instead, they clearly focus only on health and wellness and the body’s strength and your own inner confidence.

I can give you a sort of collection of things that work, but everyone is unique and has to find the right mixture for what will work for them.


New affirmations that would be truer would be,

  • What ever life brings me, I can handle it, one step at a time.
  • I am fully supported and feel thankful that I have a little time to work on this.
  • I know I will be shown the right path, and I will follow the path that leads me to happiness.


  • Laughing parties and laughing contests, enjoy the quiet moments, enjoy new things that you’ve always wanted to try, do anything at all that puts you laughing or in a good mood.

You literally wouldn’t have to do anything else if you could stay there all day, but life calls you to be with family or go to work.  That is why the next one is so important!


  • Keep noticing all the beautiful trees and flowers and blades of grass, the clouds in the sky, anything at all in nature, because it’s so easy to connect with your inner power from your source that way.

If you stay focused on your breath or your right now moment, you can’t be worried.  Just breathe in all the love and health you can, as many times as you’d like throughout the day.  Focus on one good emotion at a time, love, health, ease, wellbeing, forgiveness, clarity, good times, fun, abundance, smiles, happiness, inspiration, peacefulness, loyalty, dedication, etc…anything you want to focus on you will get more of it, so make it clear to the universe that you want these good things.


Only your opinion matters for your own health.  What you believe is best for you–if you are choosing not out of fear but out of love for yourself–will be the best answer for you.  Keep asking “Please show me the answer about what is best for me now?”  Your own answers will come, and when you keep your mind clear (because you are getting happy and doing the breathing exercises) you will be ready to receive them.

I hope that you can understand that my perspective has taken time to develop and my goal is to serve you.  If you would, please be so kind and let me know your comments, and maybe some of you will support and enrich each other here.

Much love from Jen C.

PS. I am also following the same advice for my own conditions with great results.  I am not a doctor, and this info is for your entertainment only, although I am sure that it works under certain conditions.  A person with a clear mind and heart can manifest anything quickly.  A person with a mind and heart bogged down with judgment is slow or barely able to manifest what they really want.


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  1. marcy westerling
    Jan 11, 2015 @ 22:05:58

    Thank you!
    Marcy Westerling



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