The Law of Increase is How To Manifest More of Anything

The law of increase is really how to manifest more of anything.  So, whether we are complaining or praising, we are increasing something…and the stuff and the feelings will come into our lives.  The law of increase is one of the universal laws, and there are ten others, with the law of attraction being another.

Are we paying attention to what we are really saying?  At home, are we complaining about our family or ourselves and holding everyone to a really high or perfectionistic standard?  At work, are we resentful of the personality differences that make a team stronger?

When we really get connected to ourselves, we believe in who we are and what we want.  We don’t need to fix ourselves or anyone else, because all good things will happen naturally in it’s own good time.  Under grace and in perfect ways.

The law of increase is the universe’s guide to getting more or less of what you want.  So, when we pay attention to something-feeling good, for instance–and realize how amazing it is, then we are focusing for long enough for the good feelings to increase.  Or the exact opposite.

The trick is to not have a lot of resistance, like everything is easy, that you believe that all the stuff you want is coming, so you get feeling like it actually is.
You may not have evidence that what you want is coming, but if you believe, it will come.  Just like finishing high school.  For most people, they truly know that they will finish school, because here in the U.S., that’s the expectation and belief in most areas.  You must know that you will progress from 9th to 10th to 11th to 12th naturally, then graduate, and move onto another chapter of life.  But all of life is really that same story, if you let it be.

How do you feel like you have something when you don’t actually have it yet?  You feel your way there using the processes given by Abraham, or you use your own inner guidance to feel better each step of the way.  As you feel generally better each day (maybe because you decide to do the Thankfulness Project for 30 days?)  you will realize that you are manifesting good feelings, and good feelings are the most important of all manifestations!  It’s not the actual stuff that we really want, but the feeling we think we’ll get from having the stuff.

So, if we want to increase our health and wellbeing, we cannot be focused on the sickness of others.  We must make health talk a priority in order for it to increase.

If we want more love and appreciation in our lives, we can’t be complaining or hating.  We must choose love and appreciation regularly.

If we want more financial freedom or money, we can’t be thinking about our lack of it.  We must feel free and feel abundance before we can actually have the manifestations of freedom, money, and abundance.

Are you starting to follow?  Remember to think of what you want, and completely, wholeheartedly stay in line with that image.  Make your self image portray a person who is actually living that in life in the present.  And you will get there!

Much love and blessings!



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